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The VPLUG (patent pending) has been designed to replace conventional mud-plugs for the control of explosive gases during welding or maintenance activities. The tool is available for pipeline sizes 3" to 48" and will traverse a 3D pipe bend.

Once set in the pipe, the VPLUG employs no moving parts and does not rely on hydraulic or air systems. It may be used as a temporary vapor barrier and removed after use, or it can be left in the pipeline and transported to a downstream scraper trap for removal. The VPLUG provides operators with a safe and cost competitive alternative to existing systems while it eliminates the concern of product contamination and instrument damage.

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The VPLUG uses a patented urethane sealing element and a removable compressor mechanism. The operator compresses the sealing element, inserts the VPLUG into the pipe and then releases the compressor. The seal's rib design comes into direct contact with the pipe wall providing multiple seals. When required, a vent line may be attached and extended a safe distance away to release any gas build up. The VPLUG can be used as a regular pig for pipeline tie-in welds, or can be segmented and used for maintenance on manifolds, specialized piping and refineries or plants.

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Conventional Problem
What is a mud-plug?

During pipeline and facility maintenance, residual vapors are traditionally controlled using bentonite or "mud-plugs" to seal the open end of pipe. Sloughing, drying and improper installation of the mud plug, however can and has lead to the release of explosive or noxious gases into the maintenance area.

What challenges are associated with using mud-plugs?

During Installation:

  • time consuming
  • costly (one time use)
  • messy

Safety during use:

  • movement due to internal pressure
  • movement due to jarring of the line
  • mud shrinkage due to job delays

During Removal:

  • product contamination
  • contamination of instruments

VPLUG Solution

  • Eliminates product contamination
  • Increases safety
  • Reduces Maintenance costs
  • Minimizes downtime


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