Defect Repair Sleeve

Defect Repair System

  • Lightweight for easy handling and installation
  • Eliminates costly downtime
  • Minimizes repair costs
  • Complies with CSA Z183 and Ansi B31.4 standards

The defect repair system (DRS) (Patent Pending) is a lightweight pipeline sleeving system that will significantly reduce repair cost and minimize stress on the pipe. These factors associated with the ability to provide protection to the circumferential weld area offer substantial advantages to pipeline operators over repair sleeves that are presently available. The DRS System is comprised of a split sleeve and an exterior clamping device (patented). The system can be used to repair both leaking and non-leaking pipeline defects.

drs l
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Leaking Defect Repair System (LDRS)

The Leaking Defect Repair System has embodied in one half of the repair sleeve a specially designed sealing element (patent pending) that, when clamped over a leak in the pipeline, can effectively seal off the leak. The special design of the sealing element uses both clamping pressure and pipeline pressure to activate its sealing capability. Due to its design it is very efficient at sealing leaks on irregular surfaces, such as the toe of a long seam or butt weld. The sealing

element is tested to 2500 psi static pressure. Once the sleeve is clamped in place the pipeline can be restarted and the sleeve welded in place making a permanent repair.

The use of the LDRS will allow the operator to install a stress control sleeve to prevent bending stresses acting on the heat effected zone of the circumferential fillet weld. The use of the stress control sleeve is unique to our system and is not available with any other repair sleeve on the market today and is fast becoming an industry standard.

Pre-Stress Sleeve (NDRS)

The prestress sleeve is used where an operator wishes to add structural reinforcement to the pipeline. This sleeve is typically used to repair anomalies such as dents, gouges and corrosion. When the sleeve is installed, line pressure is equalized with the use of the Chain Clamp. This effectively removes the damaged section of pipeline from service transferring operating pressure to the sleeve assembly. Only the longitudinal welds are completed and the sleeve is not welded to the pipeline.

drs2 l
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U.S. Patent #5,199,464
U.S. Patent #5,123,451

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